For Adults

In adulthood, we’re required to play many ‘roles’ in our lives, be it in the workplace, with friends and family, or entering into new relationships. But interactions others take for granted can be tricky when you’re an adult with high functioning autism.

Therese has had much success in helping people form happy, meaningful relationships both personally and professionally. During an initial hour-long session, Therese will work with you to identify core social needs and create a treatment plan customised to suit you.

Your treatment will help you:

  •  Understand social skills in relationships in and out of work settings
  • Work out what other people are thinking and feeling
  • Understand how your behaviour impacts on others
  • Understand the basics of how social interactions work
  •  Work out what you & others want so that interactions are happy and fun for both parties
  • Understand others to enjoy deeper friendships
  •  ‘Predict’ – so you can work out what might be happening and adjusting your behaviour accordingly
  •  Monitor and understand different situations

Professionally this will help you:

  • Maintain steady, satisfying employment
  • Achieve better results
  • Building friendship sand relationships at work
  • Cope better with stress

To book a diagnostic assessment and find out how Therese can help you, please send her a message here.