Autism Diagnostic Service
Therese can be part of your diagnostic team for autism assessment. Please contact us to arrange and appointment.

Initial Therapy Session
During an initial hour-long session, Therese will work with you to identify your core needs. She will then create a treatment plan that is customised to suit your (or you child’s) needs. While Therese has had enormous success in helping families and adults lead richly rewarding lives using the Social Thinking Model, make no mistake – laying the foundations for lasting change and consolidating the kind of skills most people take for granted is slow, deep work. We are working to create lasting change, not just a ‘quick fix’.

Therese works with

Please note Therese does not work with non-verbal children or children and adults with an intellectual disability. For more resources, please try here

What is ‘The Social Thinking Model’?
The Social Thinking model is a framework for understanding how our words and actions affect others. We can then evaluate our response based on what’s ‘expected’ in a situation, which will influence what we get and how we feel. It’s a ‘thinking’ (cognitive) based program, in which clients learn a framework of social problem solving skills that can be applied at school, the home, social situations and at work.

To read more about Michelle Garcia Winner and Social Thinking click here.


Social Skills Training:
Using the Social Thinking framework, Therese will help you and your family understand how social skills work and how to navigate better social outcomes. Therese will then help your child integrate these new pathways of thinking with a set of ‘social problem solving skills’ so they can operate effectively in the social world.

Emotional Regulation:
Therese integrates her experience in yoga and meditation, plus the Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation frameworks to deepen clients’ knowledge of how emotions work in their own body. Once your child is able to connect with the emotions in their body and understand the impact on others, you can develop strategies to help them manage their emotions and make choices about the outcome.

Parent Small Group Workshops:
Therese guides parents and caregivers in understanding the social thinking process and gives practical examples of how to apply it, including managing emotions. You will come away with a deeper understanding of how social thinking skills can be used to coach your child in day to day life.

Professional Small Group Workshops:
For the practitioner who has some knowledge of Social Thinking. Therese works through the ‘what next’ in teaching social thinking including the Superflex and the Zones of Regulation models. 

Individual session:
Great for working with individual needs. Families, carers or partners may benefit from being present.

Small group sessions:
In small group coaching, children are grouped with peers of similar age and ability. This teaches social skills in action and encourages friendship in a safe environment.

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